Log4j/Log4Shell Vulnerability Statement

  Updated December 20, 2021: A new log4j vulnerability, CVE-2021-45105, was filed related to log4j 2.0-alpha1 through 2.16.0.  As Applied OLAP products currently use log4j 1.2.17, this new vulnerability does not apply to our software.   Updated December 16, 2021: Many people are now aware of a massive vulnerability that was discovered and is being

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Dodeca Version 8 with EssJet Delivers Faster Essbase Reporting & Prevents Spreadsheet Lock-Ups

dod8 essjet textShifter layer2 | Applied OLAP

Run Essbase Spreadsheet Reports Quicker with Dodeca’s New EssJet Technology The Essbase Excel Add-In has been a critical tool in allowing users to easily generate reports from Essbase in the familiar spreadsheet interface of Microsoft Excel. However, as Oracle Essbase and business reporting requirements have evolved, many users have experienced the frustration of the dreaded

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Dodeca Data Audit Log Setup Part One

blog main pic dataAuditLog | Applied OLAP

All of the data that is submitted to Essbase using Dodeca is logged and auditable. It doesn’t matter if the data is sent to an ASO or BSO cube, it gets tracked. Sometimes it’s usefully or even necessary to know who updated a number and when it happened. In this three part series I’ll explain how to set this up.

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