What is Oracle Essbase?

Oracle Essbase is a business analytics solution that uses a proven, flexible, best-in-class architecture for analysis, reporting, and collaboration. Named by InfoWorld Magazine as one of the top 10 technologies of the 20th century, Essbase allows users to model, analyze, and interpret the most complex business scenarios. Essbase is a database that provides users with

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Essbase Financial Reporting with Dodeca

Hyperion Reporting with Dodeca

What is the Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System? Utilize the power of the Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System to run mission critical spreadsheet applications and assist in your company’s digital transformation, including Essbase Financial Reporting. Automate, manage, and control spreadsheets and their interactions with corporate data sources, including Oracle Essbase and SQL. Plan, report, and analyze in

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Minimize Oracle Essbase Spreadsheet Risk with Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System

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Why is managing spreadsheet risk critical to business processes? When business decisions rely on data in spreadsheets (and they do), they can of course be only as reliable as the spreadsheets themselves. Noted IT researcher and authority on spreadsheet errors, Ray Panko has reported that his research plus numerous other studies have consistently shown that

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