Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System

Everyone knows that users love Excel, but corporate IT and Internal Audit also know that unmanaged and uncontrolled spreadsheet use leads to uncertainty and a high incidence of errors.  The Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System builds, manages, and controls corporate spreadsheets.  Dodeca builds Excel reports by dynamically combining Excel templates with corporate data sources, including Oracle Essbase, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2.  The Excel templates are managed on a central server using a patented process to deliver the most up-to-date version to users every time.  And, Dodeca provides a single, unified user-interface that exposes only the spreadsheet functionality needed by users. Learn More

Maximize Productivity

Dodeca builds spreadsheets using live data from your ERP and EPM systems enabling users to focus on analyzing data, not assembling it.

Optimize Reliability

Leverages your knowledge and familiarity of Excel, while providing the control and governance to ensure spreadsheet accuracy and reliability.

Minimize Cost and Risk

With Dodeca, successfully complete Essbase projects on time and on budget, achieve corporate financial goals, and exceed end-user expectations.

Customers Using Dodeca

One of the best indicators of software success is the long-term adoption by its customers. Our customers have been with us for up to 15 years and represent industry leaders in communications, retail, financial services, and others.
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Dodeca Excel Add-In for Essbase

Built as a drop in replacement for the Classic Essbase Add-In, the Dodeca Add-In has a single purpose:
To support Essbase-centric ad hoc capabilities within Excel.

The Dodeca Add-In provides the same ease of use and simplicity as its predecessor, yet is refined and updated for today’s users. And, with VBA support that mimics the popular Essbase Spreadsheet Toolkit, migrating custom applications is easy. Learn More


A drop in drill-through solution for Hyperion Planning, PBCS, Financial Reporting, and Smart View.

Many Oracle Essbase and Hyperion Planning databases contain data that has been consolidated along one or more dimensions. The ability to look up the original details (such as transactions) behind summarized data is known as drill-through. Drill-through can be incredibly useful in providing context to a user. However, implementing drill-through is typically a less than trivial affair. The innovative Drillbridge product serves as a turnkey solution for implementing drill-through. Learn More

OLAP Underground Utilities

The OlapUnderground Utilities are a collection of free tools that help Essbase administrators extract the contents of Essbase outlines, manage security, and maintain substitution variables. Learn More
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