Spreadsheet Management System

Version 8 – Featuring EssJet Technology

Dodeca integrates the best features of Hyperion Financial Reporting (HFR), Smart View, and Hyperion Planning into a single product.

Dodeca also adds extensibility, allowing customers to tailor reports & meet sophisticated business needs

Why change your
business processes to fit a
software package?

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Dodeca provides the flexibility to build applications that fit the needs of your business without being forced to compromise requirements. Dodeca was purpose built for Essbase. The software enhances the Essbase user experience. Dodeca provides Essbase and SQL data sources in a familiar spreadsheet interface. If you are a current user of Smart View, Hyperion Financial Reporting, or Hyperion Planning, Dodeca might be a great solution for your organization.

If your users are struggling with Essbase performance, maintaining data integrity, or managing spreadsheet risk, then Dodeca may be the solution for improving your corporate financial systems.

Dodeca is used for many types of applications:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Revenue & Expense Planning
  • Workforce Planning
  • Capital Planning
  • Merchandise Planning
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Variance Analysis
  • Sales Analysis
  • Labor Reporting
  • Forecasting
  • Annual Budgets

Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System V8 Featuring EssJet Technology

Business process automation
for planning, reporting, and analysis.

Dodeca is Different.

  • Automates sophisticated
    business processes
  • Reduces spreadsheet risk
  • Increases spreadsheet quality
  • Reduces spreadsheet count
  • Eliminates Excel lockups and crashes

Dodeca is Better.

  • Gives end users access to the best of Excel
  • Controls the worst of Excel
  • Tailors applications to business requirements
  • Increases user productivity saving time and money
  • Features superior technical support
  • Focuses on customer success

What’s new in Dodeca 8?

“Dodeca is hands down the best solution for our users.”

— Elizabeth Ferrell, Essbase Center of Excellence, The Kroger Co.

“Dodeca is allowing us to look at our business in a consistent way, removing the unnecessary need to reconcile and review assumptions. Build the report once and use many times at all levels in the organization”

— Alejandro Castro, CFO National Express

“With Dodeca we can build an application that fits our business requirements. We don’t have to change our business process to fit the limitations of the software …If we think it, we can build it in Dodeca.”

— Essbase BI Manager, World’s Largest Bank

“Dodeca answers simply the questions that can’t be answered simply.”

— Tony Banta, SVP Manufacturing Operations, Calix Networks

“People don’t know what they are missing if they have Essbase and don’t have Dodeca.”

— Nick Holmes Financial Reporting Systems Mgr., Forestar Group

“Dodeca is Instant Excel Pain Relief.”

— Sr. Project Manager, GE

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Dodeca Does It!

Companies utilize the many features of Dodeca to run mission critical spreadsheet applications:

  • Fast and easy interaction with Essbase and SQL
  • Write-back to both Essbase and SQL
  • Concurrent Essbase Retrievals with EssJet Technology
  • Asynchronous Environment allows background processing
  • Commentary to gather, organize, and store variance analysis
  • Drill-through to everywhere
  • Audit Logging to provide true accountability
  • Access multiple data sources in a single report
  • Spreadsheet Workbook Analyzer and Cleaner can remove unnecessary artifacts from Excel
  • HFM Connector
  • Configurable POVs
  • High performance Essbase ad hoc capability
  • Flexible, event-driven extensibility

Ready to see Dodeca in action?

Let us show you how Dodeca has changed the way people view and use their data.

We are so confident that your company will see the value of Dodeca that we created The Dodeca Challenge, providing qualified companies full use Dodeca licenses for an extended trial period, free of charge. Take the challenge and join the growing number of satisfied Dodeca customers.