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Dodeca’s Oracle Partner Community

We work closely with members of the Oracle Partner Community to deliver turnkey solutions to our customers. Our partners have the experience necessary to recognize opportunities where Dodeca can help their customers. They are recognized experts in their field of practice and are also experienced Dodeca implementation specialists.

AMOSCA specializes in the provision of EPM solutions, AMOSCA is an award winning Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) consultancy, providing Financial and Management Reporting solutions to help businesses worldwide manage, achieve and maintain their strategic and business performance goals.

Analysis Team, Inc. is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and serves clients on the west coast. Specializing in Oracle Essbase and the Hyperion EPM suite, Analysis Team combines real-world experience in business together with technical expertise to deploy solutions that drive performance and growth.

ARRA Consulting, based in Paris, provides a unique combination of technical and functional expertise to help corporations design and deploy their financial reporting, consolidation and planning applications using best-in-class EPM platforms and dedicated tools.

EssAnalytics is a team of EPM experts who have a deep understanding of the industry and landscape, resulting in the delivery of business and process consulting services that extend beyond the technology. EssAnalytics develops value-based business solutions, enabled by technology, to cut through complex business problems and address your specific needs. Their focus on enterprise-wide business transformation allows organizations to leverage their technology investments to make better, more timely decisions based on trusted data.

ICONOMICS Inc., based in Toronto, is a professional services firm focused exclusively on delivering BI/EPM and Data Warehouse solutions to a wide range of industries. Providing business driven solutions since 1995, ICONOMICS has built an enviable record of delivering value to its customers by implementing the architectures and solutions their customers need to facilitate corporate decision making and deliver timely, accurate information throughout the enterprise.

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OLAP House is based in Belgium and is Applied OLAP’s first European partner. OLAP House helps companies with their planning, budgeting, management reporting and Corporate Performance Management applications. Our mutual customers include Kraft and Telenet.

Solution B.I. offers optimal performance with innovative ideas contributing to the success of your projects. Its value added services include long term support, proximity, and individualized customer knowledge which make Solution B.I. the most reliable premium service provider. Their elite team creates cutting edge Business Intelligence solutions using advanced technology & technical know-how.

MindStream Analytics is a leading consulting and managed services firm focused on providing Business Analytics solutions to organizations.The team at MindStream has years of experience delivering innovative solutions to maximize and provide efficiency to an organizations strategic, operational and financial management processes.

Wysent is a leader in Digital Transformation with a proven team that builds tailored EPM, BI, and Analytic solutions using a holistic, people-first approach and the best tools available, whether they’re from Oracle, NetSuite or AppliedOLAP.

interRel listens to and puts their client’s needs above all else. They know their stuff and want their clients to feel confidence in their expertise. Straight-forward and trustworthy, they are natural and grounded.

Not only that, interRel is an Oracle Platinum Partner and Oracle Cloud Select Partner that focuses exclusively on Oracle EPM & BI (Business Intelligence, Enterprise Performance Management, Hyperion) for on-premises and Cloud.

Their mix of business acumen and Oracle expertise combine to give them the best reputation in the industry for being on time and on budget, project after project, no matter how difficult the problem. Whether it’s implementation consulting, support, training, infrastructure, publishing, or strategic assessments & optimizations, interRel reaches for perfection while delivering the impossible in record time.