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Dodeca Symposium

Sunday, June 25, 10:15-12:15PM | lunch break | 1:00-3:00PM | Room: Crest 3

The ODTUG Kscope23 Dodeca Symposium is packed with tips and tricks, technical product information, and real-world case studies presented by the Applied OLAP team and Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System customers. Dodeca is the world’s only high productivity spreadsheet application platform designed for reporting, planning, and analysis. It features the time-saving EssJet technology to accelerate powerful, flexible, and secure spreadsheet applications. The Applied OLAP team will share insider information about recently introduced features and reveal details of the Dodeca roadmap. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and give us your feedback.

Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System customers are eager to share how they are saving significant amounts of time and money, while reducing risk, using innovative Dodeca-powered spreadsheet solutions. Several prominent customers will share case studies during the session and will be glad to answer questions about their Dodeca experiences.

This symposium will benefit you whether you are an existing customer or just wondering why our customers are so enthusiastic about their successful Dodeca implementations.


Look at All of the Cool Things We Are Doing in Reporting NOW! A Tour of Our Oracle Cloud ERP Journal Entry Template; Trying to Tame and Validate Our 1 Million Entries per Period, and Other Cool Stuff.

June 26, 2:45 PM | Room: Summit 4 | Track: Extending Oracle Cloud Applications

Presenters: Elizabeth Ferrell, Financial and Reporting Systems Director – The Kroger Co.
Dustin Long, Senior Reporting Manager – The Kroger Co

Submitting over a million journal entries each period at Kroger is a big burden to carry for Kroger’s accounting center but tools like Dodeca, EDMCS, Essbase, and AuraPlayer make it much more manageable with reports like our Journal Entry Template Generator. This Dodeca report provides Kroger accountants with the ability to validate their journal entries BEFORE they upload them to our Oracle Cloud ERP. The built-in functionality reviews the segment combinations in each of the thousands of entries submitted in a single file. It flags any journal entries that do NOT have a valid segment combination or if any segment members themselves are not valid. Once the entries have been validated, the report generates an upload in the template format needed for loading to the Oracle ERP. The valid segment combinations are updated daily then uploaded to EDMCS where they can be used by other systems.

We will also share some additional Dodeca, Essbase, and EDMCS functions that have improved the reporting experience of our users here at Kroger.

Practical Guide to the Essbase REST API

June 26, 4:15 PM | Room: Valley 2 | Track: Essbase

Presenter: Jason Jones, Chief Security Officer & VP Engineering – Applied OLAP, Inc.

Oracle’s latest versions of Essbase offer a new and modern REST API that opens up many development, integration, and automation capabilities for any modern programming language. This practical session will introduce the REST API, exploring how it’s similar to and different from traditional APIs. We’ll also cover some real-world examples and how to get started with development.

Secret Ingredients for Success with Financial Master Data and Data Governance – Kroger’s Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Journey

June 27, 8:30 AM | Room: Aurora C | Track: Strategic EPM

Presenters: Elizabeth Ferrell, Financial and Reporting Systems Director – The Kroger Co.
Rahul Kamath, Senior Director, Product Management – Oracle Corporation

Kroger’s finance transformation and journey to the cloud on 29 Oracle cloud products was 100% hinged on driving manual maintenance out of all of our environments. In turn, we needed to really understand all of the moving parts and dependencies for the rapid change that a Fortune 20 company endures daily. This required a massive master data governance process. Governance and EDM were the magic solution to driving all of our validations of thousands of reports, allocations, and statistics into Essbase using thousands of hierarchies in EDMCS. Let us take you on our journey where the real story is how to set up a master data governance process that executives will love to participate in.

“Set It and Forget It!” How to Run Essbase Validations the Ron Popeil Way

June 27, 9:45 AM | Room: Summit 5 | Track: Essbase

Presenters: Angie Anderson, Assistant Director-Accounting – Principal Financial Group
Kristi Meyer, Senior Accountant – Principal Financial Group

Ensuring data integrity is of utmost importance. Through the automation and scheduling of our validation process, we have saved hundreds of hours per year. Attend this session to learn the overall concepts used to validate between HFM, Essbase, and General Ledger data so you can set…….and forget it!

Dodeca Customer Panel – Dodeca Savings Time (DST)
Learn how to Save Time and Money

June 27, 11:15 AM | Room: TBD | Track: Vendor Presentation

Presenter: Tim Tow, President – Applied OLAP, Inc.
Customer Panel:

Angie Anderson, The Principal Financial Group
Elizabeth Ferrrell, The Kroger Company
Jimmy Hellyer, LexisNexis
TJ Huelsman, Belcan
Mark Lewis, Advance Consulting Services

The Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System is used by a wide range of large and small companies to save significant amounts of time and money while reducing risk. One Dodeca customer has credited Dodeca for company-wide saving exceeding $500 million dollars. A consistent theme among Dodeca customers is increased productivity and decreased effort required to get accurate data into the hands of management throughout their companies.

Our customers love to share their experiences with Dodeca. Hear from long-time Dodeca customers on how they continue to add value and hear from new Dodeca customers on how they quickly realized value. During this interactive session, customers will describe how they use Dodeca to productionize Excel spreadsheets, solve challenging planning, reporting, and analysis issues, and reduce the risk of errors. Attend this session and learn how Dodeca can help your company save time and money.

Run Your Own Essbase 21c Server with Docker

June 27, 1:45 PM | Room: Summit 5 | Track: Essbase

Presenter: Jason Jones, Chief Security Officer & VP Engineering – Applied OLAP, Inc.

Docker is a modern technology for rapidly deploying and “containerizing” servers both on-premises and in the cloud. This presentation will introduce the Docker technology in a practical way, focused specifically on how to use it to quickly run an Essbase 21c server on your own machine to use for development, testing, and more.

“Lean, Mean, Equitization Machine” – Taking the Fat out of a Process like a George Foreman Grill

June 27, 4:30 PM | Room: Crest 5 | Track: Financial Close

Presenters: Angie Anderson, Assistant Director, Accounting – Principal Financial Group
Kristi Meyer, Senior Accountant – Principal Financial Group

In the ever-changing high-speed business environment, process controls are the meat of the process. See how Principal has reengineered a manual process into a lean, mean, fat-reducing machine. Attend this session to see how we confirm our equitization rules processed appropriately and provide auditors the checks and balances needed. This session will knock you out!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about MDX… (but Were Afraid to Ask)

June 28, 10:15 AM | Room: Valley 2 | Track: Essbase

Presenter: Tim Faitsch, Presales Solutions Specialist – Applied OLAP, Inc.

Have you been meaning to learn MDX? Have you been intimidated by the syntax? MDX is a powerful and flexible way to query and manipulate Essbase data. I’ll cover the basics for beginners while paving over typical stumbling blocks. Then I’ll show various techniques for exporting and calculating data. Learn about looping, filtering, exporting, and calculating data using MDX. You will be provided an MDX cheat sheet to take with you.



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