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Empowering customers to maximize their investments in Essbase and other corporate information resources.

About Applied OLAP

Applied OLAP, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Tim Tow, a widely recognized and respected expert in Essbase technology.  From the beginning, our focus has been to provide products and services that empower customers to maximize their investments in Essbase and other corporate information resources. We are driven by a determination to help customers succeed by helping them make more-informed and better decisions with the help of our technology and services.

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Our initial product, ActiveOLAP for Essbase, introduced the ‘Excel on the web’ concept to Essbase customers for the first time helping data analysts get easier and faster access to data throughout their organizations. The product has many long time users and we continue to support the product and the customers under our lifetime support commitment. Our newest product, Dodeca, greatly advances the business logic of ActiveOLAP for Essbase with a total re-architecture that leverages web services and the new Rich Internet Application (RIA) concept to provide unmatched functionality and flexibility, within a single interface.

Applied OLAP is also committed to helping build the Essbase community.  As part of this service commitment, we update, maintain and distribute many of the popular OlapUnderground tools as open source tools.  Tim Tow actively helps users on the Oracle technical forums, is a frequent speaker sharing his knowledge at conferences and user group meetings, was formerly on the Board of Directors of the ODTUG and served as its treasurer.  In recognition for his community service efforts and his deep knowledge, Tim is recognized as the first-ever Oracle ACE Director in the Hyperion community.

We measure our success by the success of our customers; specifically by the strength and longevity of our relationships with them, and by the wide-spread adoption of our technology within their organizations.  It is remarkable to note that we have successfully completed every implementation of ActiveOLAP for Essbase and Dodeca we’ve ever started. Our close relationships with our customers provide invaluable feedback which finds its way into future product enhancements.  We believe that all of this leads to higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and stronger relationships.

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