Dodeca on Oracle Cloud Marketplace


Applied OLAP is pleased to announce we have published our first application to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.  The Dodeca Essbase Connector is now available for customer-initiated deployment on the Oracle Cloud.  This connector is the middleware component of the Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System and the Dodeca Excel Add-In for Essbase and is intended for use by Dodeca customers who use Essbase on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (“OCI”).  This component uses the Essbase Java API to fulfill Dodeca SOAP/XML requests to Essbase using our best practices recommendation for the performance of deploying this component in the same data center as the Essbase Cloud Server.

Our initial deployment targets Dodeca 8.0.4 on Essbase 19.3, 21.1, 21.2, and 21.3 servers on OCI.  You can locate the Dodeca Essbase Connector, here: Dodeca Essbase Connector.


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Once you have located the Dodeca Essbase Connector, navigate to the Dodeca Essbase Connector installation page.  On this page, you can choose your data center, Dodeca/Essbase version, and compartment in which to create your instance.


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This component uses the Bring Your Own License model, but the good news is that if you have a Dodeca license, you already have the license you need for the Dodeca Essbase Connector.  Note that you will have to pay Oracle for use of the cloud server, but the pricing for OCI compute images on which this is based is very reasonable.  You will also need to consider how many CPUs you want to deploy, but you can easily change the shape of the instance if you find you need more (or fewer) CPUs.

We continue to work on providing the Dodeca Server on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and it should be available soon.