12 Ways Dodeca Improves Essbase Experience

Twelve Ways Dodeca Makes Essbase Better

  1. Essbase Made Easy:

    Dodeca does not require that users have Essbase training, or even an awareness of Essbase, which allows Essbase to be used more widely across an organization.

  2. More Version Support:

    Dodeca significantly reduces maintenance overhead and allows for painless upgrades by supporting every version of Essbase from 6.5.3 through within a single instance of Dodeca.

  3. Managed Spreadsheet Experience:

    Dodeca simplifies accurate spreadsheet-based reporting. Dodeca provides a secure, centralized database to manage spreadsheet templates, which are created and maintained by authorized company spreadsheet experts and consumed by end users.

  4. Simplified Connections:

    Dodeca maps the Essbase database connection(s) in the report definition ensuring that users get the correct data from the right database.

  5. Essbase Option Control:

    Dodeca administrators control the Essbase options available to users, which eliminates confusion resulting from inappropriate or unfamiliar option choices.

  6. Essbase and Relational Integration:

    Dodeca enables seamless read/write integration of both Essbase and relational data within the same workbook and on the same worksheet.

  7. Easier Member Selection:

    Dodeca point-of-view selectors can be customized to show only relevant Essbase member names, allowing users to get the information they need more quickly and easily.

  8. Optimized Point-of-View Selectors:

    Dodeca uses intelligent caching to make point-of-view selectors faster. The caching significantly reduces the amount of time necessary to show point-of-view selectors, reduces the amount of network traffic, and reduces the workload on the Essbase server.

  9. Customizable Ad-hoc Queries:

    Dodeca ad-hoc queries optionally place the user at a relevant, predefined location in the cube, which increases efficiency and minimizes the possibility of errors.

  10. Formatted Drill-through:

    Drill-through reports in Dodeca are formatted reports that can leverage Excel features like formulas, charts, and grouping.

  11. Simplified and Flexible Drill-through:

    Dodeca supports Essbase drill-through from any Essbase cube to any relational database and does not require Essbase Integration Studio, Essbase Studio, or ERPi.

  12. Accountability:

    Dodeca automatically logs any updates made by users to the Essbase database and makes it easy to determine when a change was made, who made the change, and the old and new values.