12 Reasons Essbase Users Love Dodeca

Twelve Reasons Our Clients Love Dodeca

  1. Ease of Use:

    Dodeca is so easy and intuitive to use that users at all levels of an organization can use Dodeca with little or no training.

  2. Reliability:

    Dodeca reduces the risk associated with spreadsheets by dynamically combining centrally-managed spreadsheet templates with Essbase and/or relational data on demand.

  3. Productivity:

    Dodeca helps users get their work done more quickly, easily, efficiently, and productively.

  4. Integration:

    Dodeca provides a single, unified front end for analysis, planning, and reporting that integrates data from all corporate data sources.

  5. Capacity:

    Dodeca easily handles large sets of Essbase and relational data.

  6. Performance:

    Dodeca features extremely fast Essbase and relational retrieval performance.

  7. Flexibility:

    Dodeca is extremely flexible, highly customizable, and uniquely well-suited for many different types of applications.

  8. Scalability:

    Dodeca is highly scalable, easy to deploy and support, and it requires less effort and computing resources than other available systems.

  9. Intelligent Navigation:

    Dodeca allows users to quickly and easily drill down to the general ledger and other transactional systems, regardless of where the data is located.

  10. Auditability:

    Dodeca helps an organization adhere to regulatory and compliance requirements, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, by maintaining an audit trail of spreadsheet and configuration changes.

  11. Report Authoring:

    Dodeca enables rapid report creation through point-and-dick configuration and by leveraging existing spreadsheet skills.

  12. Essbase ROI:

    Dodeca helps customers successfully complete Essbase projects on time and on budget, achieve corporate financial goals, and exceed end-user expectations.