Announcing Dodeca Version 8

Applied OLAP is proud to announce the release of Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System Version 8 with EssJet technology! Here is an overview of some of the exciting new features.


  • Concurrent Essbase Retrievals
    Introduces EssJet technology, which allows Dodeca to run multiple Essbase retrieves, or sends, at the same time. Dodeca can now simultaneously run multiple queries from a single sheet or from multiple sheets in a workbook, which greatly enhances performance.
  • Asynchronous Environment
    Allows most processes, including Essbase data and metadata queries, commentary queries, and startup functionalities, to run in the background freeing the user-interface for more interaction while providing the option to cancel processes.
  • Commentary
    Significantly improves commentary retrieval performance.
  • Workbook Analyzer and Cleaner
    The Dodeca Workbook Analyzer can analyze and clean Excel workbooks. This gives an administrator the ability to clean old workbooks which often contain unnecessary artifacts such as dead Excel links, #REF range names, extraneous styles, and unused Smart View data streams.
  • HFM Connector
    Dodeca can retrieve data from Hyperion Financial Management databases allowing integration with Essbase and Relational data.
  • Essbase member search enhancements
    Full wildcard searches of an Essbase member or alias are now supported.
  • Expandable shared member hierarchies
    Shared members can be expanded in the Treeview Selector to show the descendants of the base member.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Support Dodeca supports Single Sign-On using the SAML2 protocol, including the option for Multi-Factor
    Authentication, provided by Identification Providers such as Okta, Ping, and JumpCloud.