Drop in Drill-through Solution for Essbase, Planning, and Financial Reporting

Many Oracle Essbase and Hyperion Planning databases contain data that has been consolidated along one or more dimensions. The ability to look up the original details (such as transactions) behind summarized data is known as drill-through. Drill-through can be incredibly useful in providing context to a user. However, implementing drill-through is typically a less than trivial affair. The innovative Drillbridge product serves as a turnkey solution for implementing drill-through.

Easy Hyperion Drill-through with No Redevelopment

Drillbridge is an innovative technology for implementing drill-through that doesn’t require any changes to existing automation or administration. It is easy to deploy and utilizes existing data sources. Organizations with an Essbase cube and associated relational data already have everything they need to implement drill-through.

Drill through from Smart View
Drill through from Hyperion Planning
Drill through from Financial Reporting
Support for third-party databases via JDBC
SQL Query Report Type
Forwarding Link Report
MDX report
Custom report plugins
Result caching/paging
Excluded members
Prompt for relational database password
Token Editor GUI
Drill from PBCS to on-prem relational database
Enhanced report formatting options
Overflow support

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