SubVar Manager

OlapUnderground SubVar Manager

OlapUnderground SubVar Manager

The OlapUnderground SubVar Manager is used to easily update Oracle Essbase Substitution Variables located at the server, application and database levels.

The SubVar Manager was originally written by a group of anonymous Essbase developers who wished to provide utilities for simplifying certain Essbase operations. Due to increasing job responsibilities, the original developers did not have time to maintain the code. We suggested that they Open Source the software and volunteered to maintain this download page. They gave us access to the software and source code and licensed us to distribute it freely with the stipulations detailed in the license agreement which is included with the software.

On the technical side, we have made a few changes to the software including:

  • Added enhancements to make it compatible with the Essbase versions listed below.
  • Standardized an automated build process for all versions using the open source build tool ‘Apache Ant’.
  • Created an installer to require users to accept the license (required by our legal department and the original authors) and to properly install the code, including the source code if desired.

The software versions we compiled were tested by a team of volunteers in the Essbase community. We do not offer official support for the product. However, we will try to integrate changes or fixes submitted by the community as time permits. Further, if there is an Essbase version you would like added to the list, please let us know and we will try to make that version available.

We have invested thousands of dollars of time and legal fees to make this updated software available. Please support our continued efforts by learning how Dodeca® can help you deliver applications in a fraction of the time and cost of other solutions