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Dodeca Excel Add-In (DAI) vs. Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System (DSMS) Overview

Many Essbase customers have relied on the Essbase Excel Add-In to perform business critical processes that require detailed reporting and data analysis. When Oracle deprecated the Essbase Excel Add-In, Applied OLAP leveraged our innovative technologies featured in our flagship application, Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System, to provide a replacement for the classic Excel Add-in for Essbase.

However, as many Essbase users have discovered, the Excel Add-In has its limitations, including a seemingly endless series of application lockups when processing large volumes of data. Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System eliminates Excel lock-ups and crashes, while still providing the familiar interface and features Excel users have grown to love and rely on for performing reporting and analysis of Essbase data.

Due to its superior technical performance and robust features, many Essbase clients have upgraded from the Excel Add-In to the Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System to take advantage of the significant time and cost savings it generates. The Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System significantly reduces the resources needed to create and effectively maintain reports while improving the reporting and data analysis experience for end users.

Dodeca Excel Add-In for Essbase

Drop-In Replacement for the Classic Essbase Add-In

The Dodeca Excel Add-In provides powerful Essbase-centric ad hoc capabilities. By leveraging the state of the art technology developed for our flagship product, the Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System, Applied OLAP continues to evolve the next generation of the classic Essbase add-in.

Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System

Robust and Sophisticated Spreadsheet-Based Applications

Dodeca provides the flexibility to build applications that fit the needs of your business without being forced to compromise requirements. For users of Oracle Essbase, the Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System combines the best features of Smart View, Hyperion Financial Reporting & Hyperion Planning into one spreadsheet management platform that looks and feels like Excel.

Dodeca Excel Add-In for Essbase Features & Benefits

  • High performance, comparable to the classic Essbase Add-In
  • Essbase 9.3.0 and higher
  • Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, and Excel 2019
  • Essbase Spreadsheet Toolkit / VBA support
  • No training required
  • Ad-hoc Essbase Operations
  • Options at Your Fingertips
  • Undo and Redo
  • Status at a Glance
  • Essbase Calculations with Run Time Substitution Variables
  • Calculation Status
  • Drop and go VBA Support

Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System Features & Benefits

  • Automates sophisticated
    business processes
  • Reduces spreadsheet risk
  • Increases spreadsheet quality
  • Reduces spreadsheet count
  • Eliminates Excel lockups and crashes
  • Gives end users access to the best of Excel
  • Controls the worst of Excel
  • Tailors applications to business requirements
  • Increases user productivity saving time and money
  • Features superior technical support
  • Focuses on customer success
  • Fast and easy interaction with Essbase and SQL
  • Write-back to both Essbase and SQL
  • Concurrent Essbase Retrievals with EssJet Technology
  • Asynchronous Environment allows background processing
  • Commentary to gather, organize, and store variance analysis
  • Drill-through to everywhere
  • Audit Logging to provide true accountability
  • Access multiple data sources in a single report
  • Spreadsheet Workbook Analyzer and Cleaner can remove unnecessary artifacts from Excel
  • HFM Connector
  • Configurable POVs
  • High performance Essbase ad hoc capability
  • Flexible, event-driven extensibility

Dodeca Excel Add-In for Essbase Features

  • Ad-hoc Essbase Operations
  • Options at Your Fingertips
  • Undo and Redo
  • Unknown Members
  • Status at a Glance
  • Essbase Calculations with Run Time Substitution Variables
  • Calculation Status
  • Drop and go VBA Support

Why Upgrade from the Excel Add-In for Essbase to Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System?

  1. Avoid Excel lock-ups
  2. Easily and effectively maintain spreadsheet data integrity
  3. Removes unnecessary features of Excel
  4. Robust extensibility and application features
  5. Free six month trial period by signing up for the Dodeca Challenge

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