Applied OLAP focuses exclusively on user interaction with Oracle Essbase.  Our products provide the ability for Essbase users to quickly, easily, and more dependably get to the information they want from the Essbase multi-dimensional database.


This section contains downloads of the Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System and the Dodeca Excel Add-In for Essbase. This section is intended for Dodeca customers only.

Dodeca for Mac Downloads

This section contains downloads of the Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System for macOS users. These are standalone installers to be used with an existing Dodeca environment. This section is intended for Dodeca customers only.

Dodeca Shell

Dodeca Shell is an advanced utilily that interacts directly with your Dodeca repository (database) in order to view, edit, delete, export, and import data. It provides functionality for working with artifacts, comments, the metadata audit log, and can be used as a lightweight scripting tool to assist with migrating information from one environment to another.

Dodeca HFM Connector

The Dodeca HFM Connnector is a facade connector that lets Dodeca treat an HFM server as an Essbase data source.

Dodeca Technical Documents

This section contains the Dodeca Administrator’s Guide, Dodeca Installation Guide, the cumulative and detailed release notes for the Dodeca Framework and for the Dodeca Excel Add-In for Essbase.  This section is available for registered users of the website. For additional technical information and tutorials, visit our YouTube channel.

Drillbridge Plus

Drillbridge is a drill-through solution for Essbase that works with Smart View, Hyperion Planning, and Financial Reporting. It allows for fast development drill-through capabilites by translating drill-through requests into SQL queries, and displays the results to a user in their web browser.

Next Generation Outline Extractor

The Next Generation Outline Extractor builds on the capabilities and success of the original Essbase Outline Extractor. It was completely redesigned and rewritten from the ground up using the Essbase Java API, and includes many improvements: Performance is significantly better through use of the new APIs for extracting the Essbase outline as XML. Platform support has expanded to include virtually any operating system. New output options are supported, including output to popular relational databases. A built-in extensibility interface allows developers to tailor the output based on their needs. And, the utility can be run using a form-based GUI or, optionally, can be run from the command-line and automated using property files.

Advanced Security Manager

The OlapUnderground Advanced Security Manager has the ability to port security settings between Essbase servers, save security settings for backup, and create original security settings with a user friendly interface. Using this tool, you can connect to an Essbase server in order to: create or update security settings, monitor or logoff users signed on to the server, and monitor or remove locks on the server. You can also export all security settings to a file or import security settings from an existing security export file. Further, the Advanced Security Manager’s functionality can be automated using Command Line functionality by executing the Advanced Security Manager from a DOS batch file and including Command Line Parameters.

Sub Var Manager

The OlapUnderground SubVar Manager is used to easily update Oracle Essbase Substitution Variables located at the server, application and database levels.

The SubVar Manager was originally written by a group of anonymous Essbase developers who wished to provide utilities for simplifying certain Essbase operations. Due to increasing job responsibilities, the original developers did not have time to maintain the code. We suggested that they Open Source the software and volunteered to maintain this download page. They gave us access to the software and source code and licensed us to distribute it freely with the stipulations detailed in the license agreement which is included with the software.