Applied OLAP has acquired the innovative drill-through tool for Hyperion systems, Drillbridge, from Saxifrage Systems LLC. As part of the deal, Jason Jones is now a full-time Appled OLAP employee. Existing Drillbridge customers should email the Applied OLAP support team for issues regarding Drillbridge.

Additionally, downloads for Drillbridge, including the free edition of Drillbridge, are now located in the Applied OLAP downloads section. If you don't already have an Applied OLAP account, you can sign up for one for free in order to gain access to the downloads. This will also enable you to download other utilities from Applied OLAP, including the very popuiar Next Generation Outline Extractor. For the time being, the downloads section only contains the most recent edition of the free Drillbridge software (version 1.5.5), and has an updated license file. All users of the free edition are encouraged to use this version for testing and proof of concepts, in addition to production deployments if they are not licensed customers of the enterprise edition that comes with support.
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